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We wax your skin with honey wax or azulene products that are specifically for sensitive skin. The hot wax is applied to the skin and the hairs adhere to the wax. The hairs are pulled out along with the wax when it is removed.


Before treatment

It is important to make sure that the hairs are long enough before the treatment, so they can become embedded in the wax properly. That is the only thing that you have to take into account.



You may experience slight redness and a burning sensation after the treatment. Try to avoid the sun during the first days after treatment.



Your skin will be smooth for about five weeks after waxing. After that period you will notice hairs growing back gradually. If you have the same area waxed several times, you will find that less hair grows back and the hairs become thinner.



The staff at Kliniek aan de Maas only work with the best products and techniques. They receive continuous training to make sure that their knowledge and skills remain up to date. This guarantees that the treatment will be safe for you.



Waxing is not painless, but can be tolerated well. The sensitivity varies depending on the area treated; ask the person treating you for information about this.


  • Treatment
  • Upper lip or chin
    € 16,-
  • Upper lip and chin
    € 22,-
  • Part of facial, upper lip or chin
    € 8,-
  • Upper lip, chin and jawline
    € 26,-
  • Whole face
    € 30,-
  • Arms
    € 30,-
  • Armpits
    € 18,-
  • Back
    € 40,-
  • Upper or lower legs
    € 30,-
  • Complete legs
    € 45,-
  • Legs and bikini
    € 50,-
  • Bikini
    € 18,-

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