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Brows and lashes

Eyelashes and eyebrows help facial expressiveness, so make sure they are ‘in shape’.


Epilation will shape your eyebrows beautifully. Dyeing eyelashes or eyebrows ensures that you will not have to worry about them for about six weeks. This is ideal if you do not want permanent makeup, but would value the ease of not having to sit in front of the mirror every day.



Expressive eyes without having to do anything to get them!



The employees of Kliniek aan de Maas work only with the best products and techniques. They are constantly trained to keep their knowledge and skills up to standard. This ensures a safe treatment.[:]


  • Treatment
  • Brow plucking
    € 15,-
  • Dyeing brows or lashes
    € 15,-
  • Dyeing brows and lashes
    € 25,-
  • Dyeing and plucking brows and lashes
    € 39,-
  • Part of facial
    € 8,-
    Plucking brows, dyeing brows or dyeing lashes

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